Vessel wrap

Whether you want standard coverage to protect the most vulnerable areas from damage, extended coverage for improved aesthetics, or even full vessel coverage for ultimate protection, we have a protective film solution for you. Our dedicated template engineer produces bespoke designs for each make and model of vessel as soon as they hit the water. This means that you have peace of mind knowing that the kit will be a perfect fit first time and no cutting of the film on the car vessel be needed. We have been designing templates and manufacturing Clear protection film for many years and have an understanding of vessel contours that means we produce an ideal template with optimal coverage and protection.

The installer will clean and prepare the surfaces ready for the film to be applied, whilst the kits are cut on a plotter, using our bespoke vessel templates. Each part is then carefully applied to the vehicle using water and a slip solution, to slide the material into place. The water is then squeegeed out from under the film, so there’s no chance of any air bubbles or creases. Finally, the edges are wrapped round the panels where possible to ensure an almost invisible finish. The film itself is virtually ‘orange peel’ free, so is almost indistinguishable from the original finish. It’s difficult to show the product off to anyone because it’s virtually invisible! Nevertheless, it’s a lot less visible than chips, scuffs and scratches.