HID Xenons

This lighting system allows the driver to see much further ahead as it gives out a much brighter, whiter light which extends greater distances ahead of the car in comparison to the conventional Halogen bulb systems.

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The end result being greater clarity, improved vision and a much safer night time driving experience.
Not to mention bringing a fresh look to the car itself.

Rated at 35W it is 300% brighter than a standard halogen. The Ballast unit on this kit has been shrunk (about the size of a deck of cards) making it ideal for motorcycles and cars with limited installation space inside the engine bay.

Produced to the highest possible standards, the kit includes the latest robust electronic ballasts, which are heat, water, dust, age resistant as well as being vibration tested. The Slim Xenon HID kit comes with the quality assurance you would expect from the UK’s Number One HID conversion kit specialist. Our kits are tested extensively to ensure they are of the highest quality and the bulbs produce the best possible light output. It is this confidence in the quality of our HID kits that allows us to offer a 2 year warranty.

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Also, unlike inferior HID kits with glass-coated bulbs the h7r bulbs we supply are made with better quality premium UV quartz cut glass and have a built in anti-glare shield that are used in non-projector headlamps.

Additionally, the quality of the wiring is excellent adopting high insulation for safety and longer life.

More importantly, they are CE approved so meet the high standards that are required for use in the UK and European markets.

  • 35w Ultra Xenon HID Conversion Kit
  • Canbus Compatible – No Computer Errors
  • Technically advanced, Superior Quality, A-Grade HID kit.

Features:HID xenons

  • Certificate: CE approved, ISO9001:2000
  • 100% waterproof and 100% dustproof. Resistant to heat and aging, as well as vibration tested.
  • Input ranges from 7V~20v.
  • Life time: Approx 3000 hours average lifetime.
  • Smaller dimensions: Integrated design, igniter is integrated into ballast..
  • Quality: This kit has been tested and made to the highest standards, 100% stable & Reliable.
  • Bulb Types Available on other listings: H1, H3, H4 (Lo), H7, H8, H9, H11, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, D2R, D2S
  • Colour availability: 4300K, 5000k, 6000K, 8000K, 10000K
  • The HID conversion kit contains the following components:
    2 x HID bulbs
    2 x ballasts integrated igniter (e-mark)
    2 x ballast holders
  • Installation guide and required wiring accessories.