Windscreen protection

Windscreen protection is something that not many people do / even less people are aware of it.
It is a process of covering your front windscreen with translucent (clear) vinyl that will protect your screen against stonechips,cracks vandalism and even UV

Just think for a minute, how much would it be to replace your Windscreen?
How long would that take….?
And yes…How much would it cost…..?

On high end cars windscreen prices start from about £4000 and will need to be especially ordered in.

Our protection is fully legal

So whether you are a professional drift or race driver, classic car owner, or you own a high end car or you are just serious and cautious about what you do in life then here is the answer…

Standard cost of this service starts from only £299 depending on vehicle, and can be done while you wait…..Yes while you wait! As it only takes 2-3 hours